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15 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Here are 15 of the best luxury bathroom design ideas.

1 - Underfloor heating

Let's face it - cold floors aren't very luxurious:

You can install underfloor heating two ways, in the tile bed or the concrete slab. The tile bed option is more costly to run but can be turned on and off whereas the heating in the slab is cheaper but operates more seasonally.

2 - Hanging plants

Bathrooms are perfect for plants and flowers:

A truly luxurious bathroom should have at least one spot for a delicate fern or beautiful orchid. Make sure it gets some filtered light and plenty of moist air, so you will hardly need to look after them.

3 - Spa instead of bath

A few bubbles and water jets to relax your aches away:

Some of the best spa baths are simple normal baths that have been retrofitted. You can get one with bubbles, massage jets or both, but make sure you think about where to house the spa motor to minimise noise but provide easy access.

4 - Bathroom entertainment

Space for a small library, wall mounted TV or stereo sound:

There are times when you just need something to read, or you don't want to miss the footy. Perhaps you want to relax to Handel in the spa.

5 - Heated towel rails

Keep your towels dry, warm and fluffy:

Not just functional but elegant. Heated towel rails and warmers come in all sorts of designs & can even be retrofitted. My favourite are the individual wall mounted rails - they are more expensive to install but look the smartest.

6 - Outdoor shower

Natural setting + privacy + sunlight = outdoor shower:

If you have ever been to the tropics, you will appreciate the outdoor showers. There is something particularly luxurious about a bathroom that opens out into the fresh air and sunlight.

7 - Romantic bath lighting

Dim the lights and relax in the bath:

When you do your bathroom lighting design, keep in mind that you might want some soft lighting. Harsh lighting can really spoil the mood.

8 - Marble & natural stone

Few materials are as luxurious as natural stone:

All the great bathrooms feature natural stones. There's a limestone, marble or granite to suit everyone, even if you want pure contemporary luxury.

9 - Double shower with seat

Share your shower every day:

One of the real benefits of having a double shower is that you can install different types of shower rose. I personally like to have one where a hand spray is fitted to an adjustable bar and another that just rains from the ceiling. The seat can help with shaving your legs, resting, injuries, showering children and the elderly.

10 - Bath pillows

Some baths come with their own little pillows:

Suction cup cushions for the bath are a great invention. You can even leave them on the bath and they drip dry.

11 - Sexy bath spout

Attractive spouts and falling water:

I really like the sheet-flow style bath spouts that deliver a thin wall of water into the bath. There are also some very cool designer spouts and even a range of ceiling mounted bath fillers.

12 - Bath Chandelier

Really set the mood with a designer chandelier:

Kitsch - possibly?. Luxurious - definitely! Just be careful it's got the right electrical rating.

13 - 2 Big basins

Everyone appreciates room to splash:

Okay - 2 basins are a personal thing, and it does depend a little on the design and the size. But most of my clients would consider 2 bathroom basins essential for a luxurious master ensuite.

14 - Room with a view

If you have a great view - find a way to enjoy it from the bath:

It's important to locate your bathroom carefully so ask your architect how your en-suite bathroom can share the view. Consider different levels, nano glass and sheer blinds.

15 - Space, space and lots of space

Tight and tiny bathrooms struggle to be luxurious:

A big bathroom is often a more relaxing bathroom. Perhaps it's because you aren't worried about bumping into something. However, good design is really important else the space will be wasted.

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