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This three level 9 star eco home was designed for a battle-axe block in Killara. It features an integrated pool with wet edge and a large sunny atrium style living space.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Atrium House Killara - New home concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Concept facade view

Project Details


We were approached by the clients to improve their existing design, which they had been developing previously with another architect for the last 2 years. The proposal required some significant spatial re-planning and was lacking in an impressive front facade design.

Sustainability was also a very important factor for our clients and has been consciously incorporated and discussed throughout the process.


A main feature of this home is the large central atrium with clerestory windows above surrounded by a prominent exterior frame, repeated around the rumpus creating an impressive & well proportioned facade.

The concept also reduces the amount of hard landscaping originally proposed and simplifies the main entry which now wraps around a wet edge plunge pool and into a central promenade.

Atrium House Killara - View of lap pool

Cascading wet edge pool

Atrium House Killara - Contemporary facade

Daytime elevated facade view 2

Atrium House Killara - Night ambience

Night time ambience

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