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Architect Designed Home

This home sits high above the street and enjoys panoramic views to the Spit. Almost the whole upper level has been transformed and significantly extended at the back to make use of north aspect and existing pool.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Beau House Clontarf - New home concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Concept rear view from dock

Project Details


The existing home has a landmark position with expansive views from it's location perched on a cliff overlooking the spit. The rear of the property is large, flat and underdeveloped except for an existing swimming pool.


The proposed concept design creates a full flow through front to back series of living spaces and a new kitchen. North facing clerestory windows provide sunlight and cross ventilation for the two large new bedrooms.

The completed home incorporates luxury finishes and a modern, open plan configuration whilst maintaining the original characteristics and features of the home.


DA approval by Manly council in December 2010.

Beau House Clontarf - Luxury living room

Luxury living room

Beau House Clontarf - Contemporary facade

Front facade - View over the bay

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