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Architect Designed Home

A complementing new 3 level home design with an intricate curved facade situated on the high side of Queenscliff. This home was completed in 2013.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Curve House Queenscliff - New home concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Architect's concept design - View from driveway

Curve House Queenscliff

Project Details


We were approached by our clients with a very detailed brief and thoughtful layout for their proposed knock-down, re-build project in Queenscliff. The clients wanted our input to shape their well designed 2-dimensional plan into a 3-dimensional building with an interesting and impressive facade.


The site sits on the high side of the street between two very different quality and well-designed homes which meant the look of the home had to be very different again.

Contextual issues helped to generate the unique curved design on the two upper levels which, not only takes your attention away from the garage but also softens the 3 level facade which was fairly flat. The concept design was well received by our clients and has since been completed.


DA approved by Warringah council in just 8 weeks.

Curve House Queenscliff - Concept Front Entry Path

Street view

Curve House Queenscliff - Alfresco dining and pool

View to pool from living area

Curve House Queenscliff - Night view of pool and facade

Night time pool and facade view

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