Edge House Collaroy Plateau

Architect Designed Home Renovation

A contemporary makeover to compliment the panoramic cliff edge views.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Edge House Collaroy Plateau - New home concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Architect's concept design - View from street

Project Details


The brief was to completely change and enlarge the existing upper level so that the house worked like a brand new build. First on the list was the entry and car parking which was just 1.5 spaces wide.

Being on the edge of the plateau the house also gets buffeted by strong winds and needs to have a covered outdoor terrace and could benefit from more north sun.


Being on a steep site the house didn't have a great connection to the ground but with spectacular views it made sense to have the kitchen and living areas upstairs. The upstairs can now also function as a separate flat if required. Plus it gave us the option of having a skillion roof to catch the northern sun.

Being close to the street this concept has a very contemporary flat facade look and skillion roof.


DA approved by Warringah council in November 2014

Edge House Collaroy Plateau - Concept Front Entry Path

Concept Front Entry Path

Edge House Collaroy Plateau - Rear birds eye view

Rear birds eye view

Edge House Collaroy Plateau - Existing

Existing house

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