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Architect Designed Home

Two options, 1 traditional, 1 contemporary, both with the same floor plan / footprint. Both designs respond to the need for sun control to the west facing front facade, reduced shadow to the south neighbour and an upper level design that is a homogenous transformation of the existing building.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Hopetoun House Vaucluse - New home concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Concept facade view

Project Details


This is a project we have taken over after another architect had failed to get approval through council due to overshadowing issues.


We began with a thorough assessment of the over-shadowing and prepared a framework within which we could design a new upper level addition and makeover.

Once an appropriate design envelope had been determined we looked at how the building would be styled.

We then designed two concepts for the home, one contemporary and one traditional solution.

Both concepts worked to exactly the same footprint and layout. Our clients selected the traditional option.


DA approved by Woollahra council in just 10 weeks.

Hopetoun House Vaucluse - Modern open plan kitchen

Modern open plan kitchen

Hopetoun House Vaucluse - Contemporary facade

Option 2 - Contemporary facade

Hopetoun House Vaucluse - Proposed Kitcehn Design

Proposed kitchen & dining

Hopetoun House Vaucluse - Proposed Kitcehn Design

Proposed kitchen design

Completed Project

Completed renovation photos of Hopetoun House Vaucluse

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