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This heritage home, originally owned by an architect, required alterations to the living and rear pool area to create more modern spaces, while maintaining the older features of the home. The final design largely opened up the living spaces to the rear pool area for a subtle transformation and contrast between old and new.

BIMx - Virtual Explorer
Len House Clifton Gardens - Renovation concept in 3D designed by All Australian Architecture

Architect's concept design - Rear facade

Project Details


Originally an architects residence circa 1916 (E J Heath), this house is one in a street full of heritage listed homes located in a prominent area. The client required alterations to modernise living areas and bring the home into the 21st century, while retaining the original Arts and Crafts character of the home.


Work to the interior involved replanning and widening the kitchen and living room openings to the rear / west facade, and also reinstating and repairing existing traditional elements such as the fireplace and some original window frames.

The majority of works were to the pool and garage areas where privacy was an issue. This involved replanning the existing garage and cabana adding a new sloped clerestory roof and wider opening, and new frameless glass balustrading. A new cobblestone driveway and fencing were also proposed, which was more in keeping with the original style and era of the house.


DA approved by Mosman council in 17 weeks.

Len House Clifton Gardens - Concept Bedroom Deatails

Bedroom Details

Len House Clifton Gardens - Pool & Cabana

Pool, garage and cabana view

Len House Clifton Gardens - Interior View

Interior detailing

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