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5 Perfect Bathroom Ideas

Planning a new bathroom - try these 5 simple ideas to help make your new bathroom closer to perfect.

1 - Bathroom night light

Try an LED floor washing night light for those midnight excursions:

A night light is usually a small floor washer that gives your bathroom or toilet just a little light at night. Bathrooms need a lot of light, but you don't want to be blinded in the middle of the night. LED lights consume so little on the power, that leaving them on all night is not a problem.

2- Off the floor bathroom

Most bathroom dust and dirt ends up on the floor.

If you keep the floor completely clear it is so easy to clean. For an off the floor bathroom you need a wall mounted toilet pan, in-wall cistern and vanity. Even door stops can be wall mounted.

3 - Eye level storage

Give up the under bench cupboards for a super sized shaving cabinet:

Bathroom storage is most useful when at head height. A large shaving cabinet is much more useful than under basin cupboards. Just like a pantry cupboard, shaving cabinets work best with lots of short and shallow shelves.

4 - Bath edge seat

Why put up with an uncomfortable bath edge:

Too many baths have uncomfortable edges that don't allow you to sit. Select a bath with a low flat edge, flush edge or try an underslung bath with a stone top. Being able to sit on the edge of the bath is great for bathing children, cleaning, getting in and out & for creating a more romantic atmosphere.

5 - Double roll holders

It's too easy to run out of loo paper - put in a second holder:

Why risk running out of loo paper? Even when you keep a stash of loo paper in the vanity it can run out there too. If you only have 1 roll holder, you can't replace it when it's still got a small amount left. Two roll holders is the simplest way to solve the problem, and your guests won't have to rummage through your cupboards looking.

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