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Our Architect has over 25 years experience

Our principle architect is fully qualified and registered, with over 25 years experience, and is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

“You get the benefit of a fully qualified and experienced architect”

We work exclusively on private homes

We are exclusively single home architects - and always have been. Designing your home is our speciality. We don't work on shops, schools, factories, commercial, etc., like many other architects. We don't even design multi-unit residential or work with property developers.

“We provide a specialist residential team for your home.”

We are local with local experience

We know your area very well. We focus our practice on homes located within just 10 local council areas, no further than 1 hour from our office, including the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and the North Shore of Sydney.

“For the best local advice and a faster approval.”

Our 3D design process

We work with the best 3D modelling software, so you can see and experience your design with a walkthrough before you build it. We have been providing a 3D service for well over 10 years, on every project we complete.

“See it before you build it.”

Interior design and detailing

It is not only the external aesthetic that inspires us, we also love interiors. We are particularly proud of our kitchens, bathrooms, joinery details and finishes. We have extensive knowledge of products, materials, appliances, fixtures and fittings, so you get the most beautifully designed and detailed interiors.

“We can help make your home really shine.”

Our contacts

We've had many years to find the best people for your home. We know and use the best surveyors, engineers, certifiers and consultants. And more importantly, we can introduce you to quality home builders.

“You will have access to the best in the business.”

Thermally efficient comfortable homes

We are committed to implementing sustainable features into your home wherever possible to create comfort in the home as well as to minimize the overall impact on the environment.

“Enjoy a home that is cooler in Summer, naturally warmer in Winter and cheaper to run all year round.”

Experience with the Complying Code

We've completed many projects successfully, more quickly and more cost effectively under the NSW government's 'Exempt and Complying Development Codes' so you have another alternative to a local council approval.

“We can take you through the process more quickly.”

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