Fly around your new home in 3D - it's fast and easy to do, and the best way to explore our design, inside and out.

Jellicoe Completed Home



Install a Viewer program

To view the 3D Model you'll need a specific viewer program for BIMx.

The following instructions are for Desktop / Laptop only.

Desktop / Laptop:

BIMx Viewer for MAC

BIMx Viewer for Windows

iOS / Android:

BIMx - Virtual Explorer BIMx - Virtual Explorer


Download & Open

Opening BIMx Model

Download BIMx file to your computer's desktop from our webpage using the link & login code sent to your email.

Run the file by clicking or double clicking to open. It should launch itself and run if your computer hardware has the minimum requirements.

“Try our sample 3D home design”

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Exploring the Model


Navigation is done with your mouse and arrow keys. Use your mouse to 'look around' by moving it in any direction and use arrow keys to 'fly around' the model.

It is important to navigate in Fly mode. When you first open the model, it should launch itself in fly mode, if not, press 'F' key, which shows a plane symbol in top right corner.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer



Escaping the Model

'Esc' key opens the settings menu (bottom bar) where you can quit to close. It is important to know that it's not possible to explore the model with the settings menu open. If you opened the settings menu bar but wish to keep exploring your model just press 'Esc' key again to close it.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Tips / Guide

For advanced users

Settings are changed by holding down and sliding your mouse.

Light & Shade
‘F3’ key (function 3), turns on shadows and sunlight, making the model more realistic by adding a midday sun.

FLY Mode
‘F’ key, will swap you from being tied to the ground at 1.5m, to being able to FLY all around at any height.

Speed Settings
The default speed is very slow at 16. I suggest you change to 25 or 30.

Set to ‘on’ this will give better definition, making it look more realistic.

View Cone
By default this is set to 75 degrees. For small spaces 90 is better, for outside views with less distortion use 60 degrees.

‘F5’ key (function 5) will save screen shots without the menu. Images will be saved to your computer.

Render Mode
Default is ‘Headlight’. Another useful setting is ‘Gouraud’, which is warmer and the light is more directional to the sun.

Official User Guide
Read the full Graphisoft BIMx Desktop Viewer User Guide by clicking on the link below:

Graphisoft BIMx Viewer User Guide (1.1 MB)

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