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We focus on our clients brief, provide designs in 3-dimensions and we can manage just one stage or every stage of the process. We also give pre-purchase advice, obtain council or complying development approvals and design passive solar energy efficient homes.
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Architects Guide to Buying a House in Sydney

Pre-purchase Advice Guide

Hay House Freshwater

Buying a house in Sydney can be challenging for many reasons, so I have prepared this 5 part guide to assist you in buying the right property. It also includes our 15 Point Property Assessment Checklist.

7 Page Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 - Initial Planning
  • Part 2 - Property Research
  • Part 3 - Check the Contract
  • Part 4 - Open for Inspection
  • Part 5 - About the House
  • 15 Point Property Assessment Checklist

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