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The Architects Code of Professional Conduct provides architects and their clients with a statement of the standards required of architects when engaged to provide architectural services.

The Architects Code of Professional Conduct

The Code details the standards of professional practice for architects, where they relate to general ethical standards, dealings with clients, insurance coverage, continuing professional education, alternative dispute resolution dealings with the public and professional relationships with other architects.

The Architects Act 2004 requires that Architects should provide their clients with a a copy of the NSW architects Code of Professional Conduct before commencing the provision of service.

Important features of the NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct are that architects should:

  • Have a written architect-client agreement for all work undertaken
  • Act fairly and ethically at all times
  • Have adequate professional indemnity cover
  • Keep their professional practice up to date through participation in continuing professional development activities
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Include their registration number on all business stationery and agreements
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Architects Code of Professional Conduct 2017

6 page PDF (94kb) - This is from the NSW Architects Registration Board.

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You and Your Architect

7 page PDF (183kb) - This is from the Australian Institute of Architects.
A simple guide about the architectural design process, without the jargon.

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