New projects have controls and information that we need to find, check and considered when looking to provide the best advice. We call this our 'Initial 7 Point Check' and it's included in our Initial Service preparation.

Hay House Queenscliff

Hay House Queenscliff - 2014


Each of the 7 points below, is part of a quick initial check of planning controls. Many of the items such as Flood Prone Land, Bushfire Prone Land and Floor Space Ratio, will require more detail and investigation, further into the process.

We've also included many of the links that assist with this process. Please bookmark this page for future reference.


Initial Check

Property details

◦ Address
◦ Contact details
◦ Property description
◦ Site area
◦ Purchase date

Purchase price may also be useful for calculations around 'overcapitalising', but we usually cover this in our Initial Service Meeting.


Initial Check

Initial brief

◦ General description of work proposed

e.g. Upper level addition with rear extension, pool and basement garage.


Initial Check


◦ Contract of sale
◦ Planning Certificate
◦ Surveys
◦ Title Search
◦ Sewer diagram
◦ Other documents


Initial Check


◦ Lot/Section/Plan
◦ Council area
◦ Land zoning
◦ Min. Lot size
◦ Floor Space Ratio (FSR)
◦ Max. Height
◦ Heritage / Conservation
◦ Scenic Protection
◦ Acid Sulphate Soils
◦ Riparian Lands & Watercourses
◦ Terrestrial Biodiversity
◦ Environmentally Sensitive Land
◦ Local Environmental Plan (LEP)
◦ Development Control Plan (DCP)


Initial Check

Site issues

◦ Bushfire Prone Land
◦ Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating
◦ Flood Affected
◦ Flood Planning Level (FPL)
◦ Landslide Risk Land
◦ Others, e.g. Environmentally Sensitive Land, Scenic Protection Land, Terrestrial Biodiversity
◦ Site burdens; covenants, easements, rights of way etc.


Initial Check

Exempt & Complying Development Codes

◦ Is CDC allowed? - Check S10.7 certificate
◦ Possible Part 3 Housing Code issues:
- Max. 2 storey building
- Site area greater than 200 sqm
- Primary street frontage greater than 6m
- Not in a heritage conservation area
- Not on a land identified as BAL 40 or FZ
- Not in an "environmentally sensitive area"
- Not in a Acid Sulfate class 1 or 2 area
- Not a foreshore property
- Tree removal not possible for some trees
◦ Could other SEPP's apply, e.g. Affordable Rental Housing


Initial Check


◦ Final comments including the most relevant issues or items that most restrict development

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