AAA Thermal Comfort Assessment Guide

The way to a more comfortable home...

We're experienced at designing home which are naturally cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter, which also makes them cheaper to run all year round. This comes from our commitment to passive design, innovation and how we integrate sustainable features into all our home designs.

8 Star House Manly - designed by All Australian Architecture

8 Star House Manly

Guide includes:

What is a thermal assessment?
What can affect the thermal comfort of your home?
When do I need a thermal comfort assessment?
Who can perform a thermal comfort assessment?
How it the assessment calculated?
How is each room assessed?
What do the star ratings mean?
What are the benefits of a thermally comfortable home?
Does a thermally comfortable home cost more to build?

A Comfortable Home, that's cheap to run

At All Australian Architecture we design thermally efficient homes - well beyond the 4.5 - 5 star ratings required by BASIX.

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