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In just a few minutes we can usually tell you if Complying Development is available on your site. ...
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Complying Development Check

What is Complying Development?

Complying Development is a series of codes produced by NSW Dept. of Planning, that can be used instead of the regular council codes and Development Application (DA) process.

The 3 most important individual codes
(for residential homes) are the:

  • General Housing Code (the most useful code)
  • Alterations Code
  • Exempt Code

Under these codes you can build a new house, do significant renovations and additions, add a pool, or just complete some minor works, that would otherwise require DA approval.

Why would I use Complying Development?

It’s quicker, cheaper, simpler and offers a more certain outcome.

Complying development is often a great alternative to the Council DA process.
Under CDC there are:

  • No shadow diagrams
  • No town planning report
  • No finishes schedules
  • Site analysis plans

You will need to notify your neighbours but it is not a consultation process.

Free - Initial CDC Check

We offer a free initial check to see if CDC is allowed on your block:

  • In just a few minutes we can usually tell you if Complying Development is available on your site.
  • It may be that you only have partial use of complying development, but this could still be very useful.

Some reasons why you may not be able to use the ‘General Housing Code’ include:

  • Zoning not compatible ie. E4
  • Zoned as ‘temporarily exclusion’
  • Site area less than 200 sqm
  • Frontage at the house less than 6m
  • Bushfire affected beyond BAL 29
  • Flood affected
  • Foreshore area
  • Environmentally sensitive area

$495 - CDC Design Check

We offer a cost effective design check / report so you can better understand how it works.

We can do an initial design review of your property and brief, to see how it might work for you.

Some items we review:

  • No. stories
  • Front setback calculation
  • Side & rear setbacks
  • Floor space ratio (FSR)
  • Site coverage
  • BAL rating (bushfire)
  • Swimming pools
  • Possible compliance issue
  • Likely design issues

Initial CDC Check - only $495

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