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Nestled at the top of a long driveway, on 1 acre of Littoral rainforest, we were asked to design a new retreat style home which features a luxurious indoor pool and spa.

To achieve the best views and aspect, the pool needed to be at the front, while at the same time maintaining good privacy and street appeal.


One of the ideas behind our design, was to excavate the top of the driveway to create a level of separation to the house and pool. This allows for a wide single storey slightly industrial / commercial looking facade with a two storey entrance, lift and ample parking for visitors.

The house also integrates a separate accomodation east of the pool.

We achieved DA approval by Northern Beaches Council in less than 3 months, despite being BAL FZ (flame zone), and environmentally sensitive.

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Bayview Retreat - Facade View

Bayview Retreat - Facade View

Bayview Retreat - Driveway View

Bayview Retreat - Driveway View

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