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The design process was most enjoyable and was always done over a bottle of red, which probably helped.
Mark and Kristen Ranucci - Ranu House Manly

Our Staged Process

Stages of the Design and Building Process

Curve House Queenscliff

At All Australian Architecture we consider each project in terms of self contained stages. Each stage is independent and does not tie you into completing the other stages.

We offer the full service from feasibility to contract administration and completion. As architects, we are the best qualified to take you through the whole process.


  • Stage 0 - Initial Service
  • Stage 1 - Site Measure
  • Stage 2 - Feasibility Planning
  • Stage 3 - Concept Design
  • Stage 4 - Design Development
  • Stage 5 - Approval Submission
  • Stage 6 - Post Submission
  • Stage 7 - Interior Design
  • Stage 8 - Tender Document
  • Stage 9 - Construction Certificate
  • Stage 10 - Contract Admin

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