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Working with Adam's team was great. He listened to our needs and was able to tweak the existing design to better suit our needs - which changed as the build was underway and never was a problem.
Lisa & Jon Graham - Freshwater

Project Budget Guide

Start your project with our Budget Planner

Ranu House Manly

Use this project budget worksheet to get a better understanding of your estimated total project budget. This worksheet includes items often over looked during the initial budgeting phase, Consultant fees, Council Fees, levies and contingencies...

First use our Building Cost Calculator to work out your likely construction cost. Using the second page of the worksheet you can get an idea of the fees that are part of a submission, remember not all these fees will be relevant to you, and some are relevant to your construction cost.

Another factor you will have to consider is the Architects fees, contact our office to find out about our Initial Service and we can work out what this may look like.

Types of Budget:

  • Limited Budget
  • Resale Budget
  • Masterplan Budget
  • Brief Driven Budget

Open / Download:

Project Budget Guide

2 page PDF (421kb)

Make a quick check that your budget is adequate / matches your brief:

Building Costing Calculator

Guide to Preparing a Building Budget
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