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Over the last 10+ years we've completed many new homes and renovations worth between $150k and $5m. And we've enjoyed good success finding solutions to many difficult design / approval problems for our clients.
Adam Pressley FRAIA - Principal Architect

Client Testimonials

Hill Street, Queenscliff

Curve House - New Home Design

We approached Adam after speaking to a number of builders about a D&C build for our new home. We had a good idea of the floor plan, but needed something to give our property real street presence against the 2 stunning homes that were constructed on either side. It became clear to us that an architect was best placed to help.

Adam's extensive and diverse portfolio of projects was key for us when engaging All Australian Architecture. While we had always admired the clean lines and styling of the Hay House, round the corner from our current location, the fact that each project he has undertaken differed in style told us that Adam could work in a flexible manner to accommodate our thoughts to create a space and design that reflected us and maximised the potential of the site.

While we had a well thought out concept for our floor plan, Adam was able to guide us on where we could extract greater potential in the design and layout, as well as maximising energy efficiencies throughout the building. The modelling process helped flesh out what worked in terms of the layout and enabled us to make changes to the design in an quick and efficient manner. However the facade he conceptualised for us was truly outstanding. His vision has created something unique and a building that stands out, yet remains sympathetic to the rest of the street.

His advice and guidance on the way through the design process with respect to local council issues, especially around the early engagement of consultants for key areas such as storm water, was invaluable and saved us $000s from our build costs and ensured a smooth run through the DA process. We do not think our turnaround time would have been as speedy (2 months) if was not for the detailed work Adam and the team put in to our submission pack.

We are thrilled with the final design outcome and look forward to getting construction under way. We would be more than comfortable recommending Adam and the team to anyone looking to maximise the potential of their site with a unique and well thought out design.

Rebecca and Mike Isaacs
Curve House Queenscliff - New Home Design by All Australian Architecture

Curve House Queenscliff - 2013


Kellie's House - Top Floor Renovations & Additions

We have recently completed a new renovation to the top floor of our home and couldn't be happier.

It was on time, on budget and better than we could have imagined.

When Adam first met with us I had post-it notes mapping out a proposed floor plan.

He saw our vision and added to it. He gave it extra light, extra space and came up with new ideas to improve the design.

It wasn't an easy space with different roof-lines and pre-existing windows. Adam managed to make the best of all those features.

Adam has good, reliable contacts in the building industry and gave us advice down to finer details like the lay-out of the built in robes.

We highly recommend Adam and his team at All Australian Architecture.

Adam and Kellie (nee Sloan) Connolly
Northb House Manly - Complete Renovations by All Australian Architecture

Kellie's House - 2012

Peronne Avenue, Clontarf

Substantial Renovations & Additions to a 50's Weatherboard Cottage (Sommerhaus)

It gives us great pleasure to write in favour of Adam Pressley, Principal Architect, All Australian Architecture. We learned that domestic architecture was his forte, a field in which he has had great experience and in which he excels.

Having lived for decades in a large house built in the style of Georgian Revival in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, we required our new 'right-sized' house in Clontarf to combine traditional elegance with modern convenience, well-oriented to afford the best views as well as privacy, and to sit in a sizeable landscaped garden.

Adam proved to have great conceptual ability with our brief and demonstrated meticulous attention to detail. He worked closely with both us, his clients, and our builders. We met regularly throughout the project, sometimes with our whole team, sometimes with Adam alone or with his staff, who also proved most competent and pleasant to work with. His great patience and empathy led to fruitful collaboration. As the building evolved, necessary adaptations progressed into satisfying solutions, without compromising the original overall plan. Adam's flexibility made it possible to meet challenges as they arose, turning potential problems into successful resolutions.

Although the project was constrained by the original footprint and envelope, Adam was able to design a seamless traditional interior combined with a contemporary feel and harmonious flow. The result was a split-level timber house which sits comfortably in the landscape, as though it had always been there.

We highly recommend Adam to prospective clients who wish for that unique and individualised, perfect residence.

Dr Peter and Helen Kendall
Sommerhaus Clontarf - Complete Renovations by All Australian Architecture

Sommerhaus Clontarf - 2009

Chandos Street, Crows Nest

Renovations & Additions To A Semi

Finding an architect prepared to take on the design of an "ordinary" semi is not easy.

The brief was to renovate and redesign the layout of the semi to make better use of the available space including enlarging the kitchen to make it functional as well as ensuring as much natural light as possible.

Adam and his team at All Australian Architecture didn't just come up with the "ordinary" semi renovation, they carefully considered the orientation of the house and how best to take advantage of natural light. The innovative design that retained the character of the front of the house incorporated a roof that sloped down to the south-east wall from the peak on the north-west side of the house, following the line of the pitched roof at the front of the house. This enabled Adam's design to incorporate high windows on the north-west wall to capture natural light into the currently dark back of the house.

While I loved the design my joined neighbour was not as happy and couldn't understand why I didn't just do the same as her. Unfortunately, North Sydney Council took the view that the impact of the shadow that would be cast by the design would have a significant impact on my neighbour. As a result, they approved the development subject to a condition that required the peak of last four metres of the roof to be set back a further 1.5m from the side wall.

Having fallen in love with the simple lines of Adam's design I didn't want to change it when the change would not produce any real benefit to the neighbour, so with the support of Adam and the team I decided to appeal to the Land and Environment Court against the condition imposed by North Sydney Council. The preparation for the hearing put in by Adam and the team was superb; they were ready for anything that was thrown their way. After much discussion throughout the morning of the hearing in relation to the shadow impact the design would have on the neighbour, Adam was quickly able to hand draft some shadow diagrams in the lunch break that showed that the modification proposed by council would have no impact on the shadow cast by the design but it was actually the part of the roof that they had not modified that was causing the shadow that they were concerned about. In fact, even if we had proposed what the same design as the neighbour it would have had a very similar shadow impact as our proposed design!

It was the quick thinking of Adam and the team and those hand drafted diagrams that saved the day and enabled the court to rule in my favour. So of course I would have no hesitation in recommending having Adam and the team in your corner if you need to take on a council who doesn't understand good architectural design when they see it!

Adele Watson
Watson House Crows Nest - Renovations & Additions by All Australian Architecture

Watson House Crows Nest - 2009

Undercliff Street, Freshwater

New Home Design Purchased of the Plan

We purchased a knock down rebuild which already had DA approved plans designed by All Australian Architecture. We would have purchased the property anyway as it was the location we wanted. However, as soon as we saw the high level plans we fell in love with the design and decided to build it subject to a few minor changes to make it work more for us as a family home with young kids.

The most impressive aspect of the design was how it managed to make use of the entire plot. The plot of land was unusual to say the least being split down the middle by a 20 foot cliff and with the existing dwelling the back garden was inaccessible from the front of the property and landlocked at the rear. Adam's team designed a roof top terrace which meant that the rear garden could be accessed from the house. Initially we thought this space would not get much use but has become one of the 'wow' factors when people visit - and we use it all year round.

Working with Adam's team was great. He listened to our needs and was able to tweak the existing design to better suit our needs - which changed as the build was underway and never was a problem. We would certainly recommend All Australian Architecture to friends and might even use them again ourselves in the near future!

Lisa and Jon Graham
Hay House Freshwater - New Home Design by All Australian Architecture

Hay House Freshwater - 2007

Burrawong Avenue, Cliffton Gardens

Renovations & Additions - Heritage Listed Home

Finding a good architect is never an easy task.

The brief was to renovate and modernise a Heritage listed family home and yet retain the original Arts and Crafts character of the place, within the guidelines set down by Council. We wanted to bring the house into the 21st Century.

Adam Pressley and his team at All Australian Architecture were presented with a difficult task which they approached with sympathetic understanding for the client and a freshness of ideas which were exciting and innovative.

Every detail was well thought out and discussed beforehand and the final design surpassed our expectations. Adam possesses an ability to combine imaginative ideas with a sound knowledge of materials which he is then capable of communicating to his clients. His use of 3-D graphics allowed us to envisage the final outcome and any alterations were easily accommodated during the planning process. We were more than pleased with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending All Australian Architecture to anyone who believes in quality.

Chris and Elizabeth Lenton
Len House Clifton Gardens - Renovations & Additions by All Australian Architecture

Len House Clifton Gardens - 2006

Francis Street, Manly

New Home Purchase

We are really enjoying the house. Having come from a P&O duplex on the south facing side of Fairlight, we are really amazed how quiet, warm and open the house feels. We used 10% less water than last year and our electricity bills are also down by about the same amount. In particular your energy efficient design really works. Heating so far has been minimal and at night we never have the feeling that we are jumping into a cold bed even though the front of the house and main bedroom is never heated.

We were concerned that the large areas of glass without curtains would be very cold but that has not proven to be the case and we are extremely impressed by this.

The greatest feature though is the indoor-outdoor liveability and the BBQ has been our No1 cooking area. For Christmas we cooked a 5kg Ocean trout out there and fed a tribe of 20 and even in the bad weather we are having, it is no problem to pop outside and fire up the BBQ. We are also finding our friends inviting themselves around with the toddlers all the time because the yard is so easy to manage small children in safely and still allow adults to have a relaxing time.

David and Kathy Ford
Ranu House Manly - Complete Renovations by All Australian Architecture

Ranu House Manly - 2005

Francis Street, Manly

Substantial Renovations and Additions

We would be more than happy to recommend Adam's Architectural flair to anyone.

We had a very dark, cold 1930's house in Manly that really was past its used by date, was poorly orientated and uncomfortable to live in. We approached Adam to design a house that would be environmentally friendly, would capture the wonderful north east breeze that we get being on a hill and re-orientate the house so that we could capture the northerly sun and also enjoy the morning sun in our living areas.

Adam came up with a wonderful design that provided all that we were wanting and now that we have lived in the house through all 4 seasons can truly appreciate the value of a proper design. In summer the house is nice and cool from the north east breeze and the angle of the overhanging roof in our living area keeps the sun out. In winter when the sun is lower it shines right through the house and warms it up very quickly.

Not only is the house extremely comfortable to live in we have also seen the benefit of a much reduced electricity bill as we don't have to have our lights on all the time and heating on as much in winter. The hidden 6,000 litre water tanks are also fantastic.

The design process was most enjoyable and was always done over a bottle of red, which probably helped. We found Adam very good to deal with and was able to interpret our needs well and come up with some excellent ideas that only a good architect could.

We certainly now see the benefits of an architect designed house and would have no hesitation to use Adam again.

Mark and Kristen Ranucci
Ranu House Manly - Complete Renovations by All Australian Architecture

Ranu House Manly - 2005

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