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3D Model Viewer - Sample

10 Star Granny Flat - Nan's Cottage

This sample is our own designed 10 star rated granny flat that we designed to let people see what the benefits are for choosing for such a high rated granny flat.

How to walk around through the model?
See our step by step guide down below if you have any problem with working the model.


Play Button

The first step is to click on the play button in the window right on the top that is showing the granny flat model. (see also the pictures on the right)

Step 1 BIMx Transfer


3D Folder

When you have clicked on the play button it will show you a 3D folder in the "Hyper-model Index". Click on that folder with the blue 3D drawn house next to it as show on the here on the right.

Step 2 BIMx Transfer


Published 3D Model

After you opened the 3D folder it will show you on the bottom a 3D model that is published by us. Click on this model as shown here on the right.
Note: the model will start loading the information of the model and this may take a few minutes. (With a download speed of 80Mbps it took us 1.5 minute).

Step 3 BIMx Transfer


Full Screen

After the 3D model is loaded you can walk through the model right away. To experience even a better walkthrough you want to look at the model on full screen. To do this click on the right top of the window on the circle with the two arrows to make the window fullscreen. (see the picture on the right as well)

Step 4 BIMx Transfer



To fly through the model you can use the keys A (left) W (forward) S (backwards) D (right) or the arrow keys as shown here on the right. To pan/ look somewhere else in the model, hold left mouse button. If you want to go up or down you need to pan upwards or downwards and then fly with the W or arrow up key.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Escaping the Model

When you are done looking around in the model press esc to leave full screen.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer

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