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May House

This sample is our own designed May House that we designed in 3D to let people see what the benefits are of a Virtual Reality (VR) walkthrough of a 3D model.

See our step by step guide down below if you have any problem with working the model:

You can also visit the Reality Signal website for more information on this platform.


Start Here

Click here to launch the May House VR Walkthrough

The link will launch in a web browser, use Safari / Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox, for best results.

Step 1 BIMx Transfer


Choose how to join

Use this option if you don't have a VR headset, and the 3D will open in the webpage.

Enter on Device
Use this for VR, where you will need to navigate on the headset to http://vrview.link and then enter the CODE provided on-screen.

The sample 'May House' demo model is 'public' so you can only visit them alone. Models that come from a 'private link' allow groups of people to meet inside the model, communicate and explore it together.



Avatar Setup

Name your avatar
In the model you can interact and communicate with others, so it is helpful if your name is displayed.

After you click accept you can explore the model.

Change the avatar
You can change your avatar by clicking on the 'More' button, bottom right of the webpage.

Step 3 BIMx Transfer



The advantage of the VR walkthrough is that you can use it to host meetings via audio.

If you don’t want to participate, click on mute.

The sample 'May House' demo model is 'public' so you can only visit them alone. Models that come from a 'private link' allow groups of people to meet and communicate inside the model.

Step 3 BIMx Transfer



To walk through the model you can use the arrow keys or the keys A (left) W (forward) S (backwards) D (right) or the arrow keys as shown here on the right. To pan/ look somewhere else in the model, hold left mouse button.

Menu The menu buttons at the bottom of the page allow other options such as using a 'pointer' and taking 'Measurements'.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Moving around

Fly mode
By default, this model should be in Fly Mode, which allows you to fly around in all directions and without bumping into walls and obstacles. If not you can Press G to activate, and de-activate.

Teleport This is where you can move instantly to other places or rooms. Simply hold the right mouse button and point where you want to be teleported. Teleport when circle turns green.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Voice and text chat

Turn voice chat off by clicking on the microphone.

The chat button is to open a the text chat for all participants to communicate via text.

Please note: The 'May House' model is a public link so you won't be able to interact with other visitors.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer


Closing the model

When you are done you can close the model by closing your web browser. You are able to re-enter at any time.

Step 4 BIMx Transfer

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